Workshop on 3D technologies in Culture and Heritage (Kiblix festival), 9. 10. 2014, Maribor, Slovenia


On the 9 October 2014 within the KIBLIX festival I run one of the workshops ‒ the Workshop on 3D technologies in Culture and Heritage (see Invitation).

As a part of a rich festival program, a very interesting lecture about telepresence and digital identity of women was given by Ghislaine Boddington, a co-founder and creative director of a London based creative unite body>data>space.

With assistance of media engineer Žiga Pavlovič was also possible to test a virtual reality headset Oculus, a very perspective tool in heritage communication. Its potential had been as well recognised by Facebook who acquired it this year.

In Maribor Parish – St. Mary Franciscan church, a monumental installation by Mexican artist Tania Candiani is showing till 19 of October 2014. ORGAN, Five variations of Phonic Circumstances and a Pause, an interactive art project gave me the opportunity to express myself through a good old typewriter after a long time…but for the first time to hear my written words through organs…

KIBLIX 2014 – Paralells, 8-24 October 2014 is an international festival connecting art, technology and science produced by ACE KIBLA.