eCultValue success stories: kiosk K67 at BIO50 and through Oculus Rift

Within the eCultValue SUCCESS STORIES – ICT supporting Cultural Heritage, an interpretation of the K67 kiosk (designed by Saša J. Mächtig, 1966) using 3D technologies will be presented. Photo and video material was shot at the Jakopič Gallery in Ljubljana where 1:20 scale model of the kiosk is showed as a part of the the Biennial of (Industrial) Design over 50 Years exhibition. The Jakopič Gallery is one of the main venues of the 24th Biennial of Design, BIO 50.

At the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) together with Saša J. Mächtig we tested a virtual reality presentation of a set of kiosks using Oculus Rift, a stereoscopic head-mounted display. A first person virtual tour enables immersive exploring of the K67 kiosk at a full scale, walking around and entering inside the object. We are working on this VR (virtual reality) presentation in collaboration with media engineer Žiga Pavlovič. A 3D model of the kiosk from my PhD thesis research is used. An identical composition had been 3D printed for Silent Revolutions: Contemporary Design in Slovenia (MAO) traveling exhibition. The same 3D printed models, but in different composition, are exhibited at the Jakopič Gallery.

Success stories are edited by ACE KIBLA. Video and photo material was shot by Matej Kristovič.

Photos (gallery): Dejan Pestotnik and Kaja Antlej

The eCultValue project is co-funded by the FP7 program of the European Commission.