ICT & Heritage Stakeholders, Join Us at The Best in Heritage Conference (eCultValue Dialogue Day, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 25. 9. 2014) and Create Your Profile at eCult Directory!

As eCult Ambassador I kindly invite all heritage and research organisations, technology developers and providers as well as individuals interested in ICT & HERTAGE to create their profile at the eCULT DIRECTORY. The lists are intended for business matchmaking and networking. Let me know if you have any questions/concerns (my contact details).
You can REGISTER here.

The eCult Directory is a list of organisations and people active in the field of eCulture:

Museums: list of Cultural Heritage Organisations
Technology providers: list of suppliers of technologies for Cultural Heritage
EU Projects: list of EU funded projects of relevance to Cultural Heritage
Research: list of of research institutions active in CH
Other: list of other organisations (associations, consultants, etc.) active in CH
Individuals: list of all individuals registered on the eCult Observatory platform
eCult Ambassadors: list of eCult Ambassadors (facilitators) collaborating with the eCult Observatory
eCult Experts: list of eCult Experts collaborating with the eCult Observatory

On 25. 9. 2014 join us at the eCultValue “Dialogue Day” within THE BEST IN HERITAGE in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and find out more about digital technologies in museums.

The eCult Observatory is powered by eCultValue, a project co-funded by the FP7 program of the European Commission.