Kaja Antlej


World of Energy, Slovenian Magazine, Show 423, TV Slovenia (from 10.40-), 26. 2. 2012.
“There is an increasing number of science centres in the world, also referred to as Science Museums. Last year, an interactive multimedia centre on electric power and the energy industry was designed in Slovenia, called the World of Energy. The centre, owned by the GEN energy company, was designed by the renowned German company Hüttinger, while the central 3D model is a product of Slovenian know-how.” Participation: Participating IB-PROCADD team, who made scale model of Krško Nuclear Power Plant.

Industrial Designer Kaja Antlej, Slovenian Magazine, Show 407, TV Slovenia (from 19:32-), 1. 5. 2011.
“Rapid advances in the development of 3D technologies, mainly used by engineers, have enabled their extremely quick expansion into various disciplines, including the visual arts, design, architecture and cultural heritage. The challenges and opportunities offered by these technologies have also become the main focus for young industrial designer Kaja Antlej.”

3D Technology in Cultural Heritage, Osmi dan, TV Slovenia (from 06:28-), 25. 03. 2010.
Participation: Cooperation on the poject Virtual Emona on Digital library of Slovenia (National and University Library, Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana and IB-PROCADD d.o.o.)

A model of the Sečovlje saltpans, Slovenian Magazine, Show 373, TV Slovenia (from 00.50-), 17. 10. 2009.
“The Sečovlje saltpans in the Bay of Piran are the northernmost saltpans of the Mediterranean. Although spanning over 650 hectares, only about 250 hectares are actually still used for salt production, following the 700-year old tradition. The Sečovlje saltpans, protected as a nature park, are now also featured in a three-dimensional model, an authentic portrayal of the saltpans.” Participation: Participating IB-PROCADD team, who made scale models (photorealistic interactive model of saltpans, model of saltpans for visually impaired and blind people, models of salt crystals and petola).