Kaja Antlej

Honours, Awards and Scolarships

2015 Endeavour Research Fellowship (PDR – Postdoctoral Research), Australian Government Department of Education (Australia, 2015)

Young Researcher from Business – Generation 2009, Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Republic of Slovenia, (Slovenia, 2009-2013)

Month of Design Award: Prospects 2009 (Category: Industrial Design). Big Institute (Slovenia, 2009)

8th Trimo Research Award (Category: University Thesis), Trimo, Engineering and production of pre-fabricated buildings, d.d. (Slovenia, 2009)

Preseren Student award of Academy of Fine Arts and Design for diploma thesis (Category: Industrial Design), Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia, 2008)

Best 3D printed model by visitors’ choice on 3D Print Forum during Fespa Digital 2006 (3D Youth Model Competition 2006), SDT Institute Sezana (Slovenia, 2006)

Honour of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design for 2005 (Gorenje Group – Students of Industrial Design), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia, 2005)

National Scholarship, Employment Service of Slovenia (Slovenia, 1998-2005)