Kaja Antlej

CICADA Association for Promoting Creative Citizenship







In 2014, together with architect Mojca Horvat and digital strategy specialist Darja Golek, we established the CICADA Association for Promoting Creative Citizenship. The main purpose of the Association is to promote a creative activity of global citizens and to encourage them to take an active participation in creating the conditions for a sustainable society.

The main objectives are to enhance:
– information, awareness and education of citizens about the potential of creative activity;
– active participation of citizens in various projects, events and activity at local and global level;
– public awareness about an importance of sustainable development;
– intercultural dialog;
– interest in heritage and understanding of its creative potential;
– rational usage of digital environment;
– different types of networking, integration and collaboration (public-private, technology-culture, global-local, etc.).

The CICADA Association is registered in Slovenia and a member of the CNVOS (Centre for Information Service, Co-operation and Development of NGOs / Center za informiranje, sodelovanje in razvoj nevladnih organizacij) network.

In the field of digital technologies implementation in cultural heritage – a source of creativity, we are a part of the eCult network. See our organisational profile in the eCult Directory, published on the eCult Observatory portal. The eCult Observatory is powered by eCultValue, a project co-funded by the FP7 program of the European Commission.

Since autumn 2014 several free workshops titled 3D technologies for creative entrepreneurship have been organised by our team in collaboration with the Centre of intergenerational learning Cene Štupar in the framework of the Days of intergenerational learning (every third Wednesday of the month).

More at cicada-association.org.